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Summer is a'coming in, brightly sing cuckoo. Calling all Actors!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for not popping up here of late I've had my head down writing for months and just coming up for air. I trust this finds you all well and thriving. I'll be back more regularly throughout summer. The general social landscape finally looks to be shifting towards some semblance of sanity and I sense a growing optimism amongst our friends and family that better days lie ahead for us all. I really hope so.

I continue to perform, write and produce when possible or necessary, and remain deeply passionate about helping to develop actors into professional artists. Much of my own and Drama Direct Ltd's recent professional development would not have been possible without the constancy and support of the wonderful Claudia Pepler, Artistic Director at our much-loved Merlin Theatre in Frome where I continue to provide my various group and one-to-one classes as an Associate Artist. Claudia has been a constant light through recent changing times and from the moment we met 15 years ago has always provided me with the stage and environment to develop the work and practice. I cannot thank her enough.

I also continue to work with simply anyone who has a dream to be realised as an actor. I have recently established a fantastic relationship with a highly respected Theatrical Agency with offices in London, Bristol and Cardiff, who are happy to endorse my work and company and encourage me to send them any actor I may be mentoring who I think is ready for the industry for their possible professional representation. This opens up a clear professional pathway for any actor working with me once they have acquired the requisite proficiency and knowledge.

I currently have a list of actors who see me regularly, each with a personalised plan whether it's ultimately turning professional, preparing for auditions, or finally lifting the lid on a lifelong curiosity/itch. As we offer industry-level training in both Stage and Screen Acting it often means that as actors develop, we can also shoot and edit their essential professional portfolios and showreels 'in-house' to showcase their work for casting directors and theatrical agencies, including our own partner mentioned above.

The digital age is truly upon us. The creative decentralisation it has brought means that we can now provide you with the necessary route into the industry formerly rarely found outside London. You can literally start and work from where you are. I am proud to oversee this era as a representative of creative Frome. Moving forward it would be fitting if we could help establish Frome among the first acting industry 'provider towns' outside the metropolitan areas.

If anyone out there would like to chat about any of the above or discuss possibilities for their own Artistic Development, drop me a line at or or 01373 471486 and we can discuss your needs.

Also, look out for our upcoming group classes - our next offering at the Merlin is our Stage Acting WS on Sunday 19th May (a couple of place left) where we will be looking at the play

Stuff Happens by David Hare first performed at the National Theatre in 2004 and on Broadway in 2006.

Use the contact details above if you wish to join us.

We also have the following dates which are now open for booking:

Merlin Theatre Sun June 9th - Stage Acting Masterclass

Cooper Hall Sat June 15th - Screen Acting WS (+ showreel scene!)

Cooper Hall Sat June 29th - Screen Acting WS (+ showreel scene!)

Merlin Theatre Sun July 21st - Stage Acting Masterclass

Merlin Theatre Sun August 11th - Stage Acting Masterclass or or 01373 471486 or text 07977 068869

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