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Two of Us at Liverpool’s Royal Court theatre is a 'must-see' for Beatles fans

Liverpool Echo By Emily Sleight – Reviews & Affiliates Writer

5/5 STARS *****

The show had the audience laughing, dancing, and reminiscing

If you’re after an intimate performance that takes you as close as you can get to a night with Lennon and McCartney, then tickets to Two of Us at Liverpool’s Royal Court theatre are essential.

Written and directed by Bob Eaton, the master behind the ‘Lennon’ musical at the Everyman back in the 80s, the show credits old leading star Mark McGann as a co-writer. Two of Us stars Mark Newnham as John Lennon, Tom Connor as Paul McCartney, and four incredible musicians in the band that really are the cherry on top.

Mike Woodvine (guitar), Greg Joy (drums), Adam Keast (bass) and Ben Gladwin (keys) all deserve a special shoutout for their impeccable musical talent and upbeat stage presence. Tom Connor’s McCartney mannerisms were nothing short of perfect, with an impressive display of infectious head bobbing, hair flicks and all.

Throughout the show, speech is kept to a minimum, with a few dramatised interactions between Lennon and McCartney that really highlight the chemistry between the two performers. The audience learn the story behind the craft of each song, with a few laughs in between.

The set is minimal yet effective, with all of the instruments on stage to portray a combination of the film studios where the Get Back sessions were filmed, to the final iconic Apple rooftop concert - fluffy coats and all.

At the start of the show, the audience were a little stiff, with a few sneaky toe taps and hand clapping. As the show went on, the Royal Court theatre audience loosened up and danced the night away, reflecting on what was a momentous time in the music world.

Performing powerful classics such as 'A Day In The Life' and 'Hey Jude', the poignant performance summoned a few goose bumps to say the least. The best thing for me was witnessing some of the older generation being taken back in time and really losing themselves in the music.

It was almost as if a light had switched, and the audience had been taken back to a time filled with fun memories. With that being said, there certainly wasn’t an age bracket for the show, with Beatles fans of all ages 'coming together'.

The poignant finale is set on the roof of the Apple Building in Savile Row, and finishes with the crowd pleasing classic ‘Hey Jude’. As the show ended, the audience sang their hearts out, and remembered what was one of the most iconic bands ever.

The show runs for two hours including the interval. But if you're keen to see it, be quick - it's at the Royal Court theatre until Saturday February 25, 2023.

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24 лют. 2023 р.

A must-see, that looks like a three-line whip! I must see this!

08 бер. 2023 р.
Коментар для:

I think we are bringing it back Daisy. I'll keep you posted...

M xxx

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