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A splendid night guaranteed for all!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Wow what a wonderful show in Dublin with the stunning RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by David Brophy at the Helix Theatre. The packed ecstatic audience rose to their feet as one. There are some links to pics on the RTE instagram page below which will give you further insight.

This show is such a crowd pleaser and a privilege to do. It's so satisfying to watch something created 10 years ago come to such effective conclusion. It's in a great place, and I'm loving my developing rapport with Joe Stilgoe. We found so many laughs and moments of true poignancy with the script that had not appeared before. The audience lapped it up. Gwyn Herbert sang beautifully and delivered her narrations with great poise and heart, making the connection with a wonderful crowd complete. It was her first appearance in the show and her performance was all the more impressive for it. Well done Gwyn!

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