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SHARED NOT OWNED - Our 2nd Album Project on Kickstarter

Launching tomorrow Thursday 27th May 2023! Please share and spread the news.

Hi All,

Once we go live I can take suggestions to adjust/tweak/add rewards based on your current desires. Also, if you pledge for a reward you can, if you wish, do so on behalf of someone else too, so if you wish to make a gift to someone of say the launch concert; a trip to the studio with the band or perhaps just extra signed copies of the album, you can, just specify where and to whom you would like the rewards sent and I will oversee delivery once the target is reached. The budget as I said in an earlier post has been set at a comparable level to our last album, despite the rising costs and the 8-10% taken by Kickstarter for hosting the project. I've tried to adjust costs to accommodate in various ways ie. choosing to record in Frome rather than further afield, as it's more cost effective to bring the band here, and so remain confident we can pull it off with this figure. Here's the kickstart link which will go live at lunchtime tomorrow...Yikes! Go team... Mark xxx

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Apr 26, 2023

Good luck!

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